Brazil´s first Favela Hostel – since 2003!

In a very central part of the city (Laranjeiras/Santa Teresa), inside Rio´s most beautiful and tranquil favela, the unique Hostel “Favelinha” welcomes travelers from around the world. It gives backpackers and other interested tourists the opportunity to discover what life is like for a great majority of Rio´s inhabitants. It is the first hostel of its kind in Brazil! You will be amazed at how friendly you will be welcomed by the people in the favela and you will not believe your eyes when you step out on your balcony and start to overlook the bay of Guanabara, the sugar loaf and some of Rio´s famous beaches like Botafogo and Flamengo.

As you can see on the picture above, our sundeck is already waiting for you 🙂. More photos of the hostel, of the favela, and Rio as a whole can be viewed in the “Gallery”-Section. But go ahead and see for yourself: Hostel-owner Holger together with the lovely Finnish-Brazilian manager Solange and Matti, invite you to visit all parts of this website, as well as the hostel itself, of course! The hostel is able to host up to 20 guests in its 6 rooms – in 5 double rooms, one suite,  and one dorm room. We also have a large living room and kitchen!

The British Sunday Herald, several German newspapers, the Brazilian news magazine EPOCA and the biggest Brazilian newspaper O GLOBO have all written feature articles about us! CNN published a blog and photos in July 2009 about Favela Tourism at our pousada.

If you can understand portuguese, have a look here at the articles in EPOCA or O GLOBO, translations will follow soon!

An article by a Bristish online magazine (Diverse Traveller) can be found here!

New Pictures now online!

Recently, the Brazilian singer Moyses Marques did a very nice music video in “our” favela, you can find it here on YouTube.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Rio! Holger, Matti and Solange

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