Our Nightlife Recommendations


One of the best areas for going out in Rio. Right below the arches of Lapa, just down the hill from our pousada by tram or bus (or even within walking distance, at least downhill). Go there on any Friday or Saturday night or before holidays and you will find dozens of bars, restaurants, and night clubs, all catering to a rather alternative audience of all styles. You will find Samba as well as Hip Hop clubs, fine restaurants as well as hamburger stalls, live bands playing on the street or in clubs. Nearby are also “Circo do Voador” and “Fundicao Progresso”, two huge areas for live concerts. It really gets going after midnight and will not stop until daybreak. During the week, there is not too much going on in Lapa, but you can always find some live music at “Carioca da Gema” (Avenida Mem de Sa, 79)

Baixo Gavea:

For a more sophisticated audience, this rather upper class area also boasts a lot of restaurants and night clubs on weekends. It is further away and more expensive, but if you would like to go out well dressed and see other goodlooking people, this place has its advantages too. To get there before the metro stops running (11 pm), take the metro to Botafogo, then the metro bus (buy an “integration” ticket before you enter the metro) to Baixo Gavea. On your way back you will need a taxi.

Feira de Sao Crristovao:

(take the metro to “Sao Cristovao” or just take a taxi straight from Lapa. The taxi shouldn´t cost more than 10 Reais, entry is 1 Real!). This 34.000 m² area with more than 700 stalls opens up during the week for lunch, and does not close at all from Friday noon until Sunday around midnight. It´s a frenzy on weekdays, where Brazilians from the northeast dance forro (two live bands are always playing on big stages), eat food from all parts of Brazil and shop for food, clothes, music and much more.

Santa Teresa:

This is not really a nightlife district, but it can get late sometimes in the bars around “Largo do Guimaraes”. On the “Laranjeiras” side of Santa Teresa, “Casa Rosa” or “Casa Rosada”, Rua Alice 550 has live music daily and a good Feijoada on Sundays.


Inside our favela you will often hear “Baile Funk”, a music derived from American HipHop. If you understand Portugues, you will either be amused or disgusted by the very very explicit lyrics of this type of music. Baile Funk music is usually played in favela parties where we would definitely not advise you to go. If you would like to go to a “safe” edition of a baile funk, this club is where to go on weekends. You will not see a lot of tourists, but a lot of teenage favela residents, who are checked for weapons before you get in. The party itself is often very crowded, but you may also go up to the second dancefloor with slow music where you have a look over the waters of Gloria bay (location: next to the city airport Santos Dumont on Gloria bay, any taxi driver should know. Take the usual care before entering and after exiting the club, and do take a taxi there)

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