Our Restaurant Recommendations

In Santa Teresa:

– Espirito Santa (R. Almirante Alexandrino, 264) in a red house about 100m down from Largo do Guimaraes past all the other restaurants, this is a favourite. It has a nice garden with a lookout and excellent food from different parts of Brazuil, especially the Amazon.

-Bar do Mineiro (Rua Paschoal Carlos Magno, 99), near Largo do Guimaraes, a simple, clean, yet very popular bar-style restaurant with excellent food, always full.

-Mike´s Haus (R. Almirante Alexandrino, 1.458 A), actually the closest real restaurant to our pousada, it offers good German cuisine and “Weizenbier”.

-Sobrenatural (R. Almirante Alexandrino, 432) near Largo do Guimaraes, very good seafood

Largo do Machado:

-Catete Grill (Rua do Catete, 239), an excellent “a-kilo” buffet restaurant with a super large selection of fine pasta, seafood, sushi, and of course freshly grilled meats. Not the cheapest but definitely worth it. Calculate about R$ 20 for an average meal.

-Adega Portugalia (on the left side of Largo do Machado, looking from the church/bus stop). A great place to drink a beer and have some Portuguese fish balls (bolinho de bacalhau), chicken pieces (frango a passarinho) and the like before you head back home to the pousada. Tables outside overlooking the busy square.

-Bar na Galeria Condor (the big juice bar inside the Shopping gallery on the right side of the square, looking from the church). They mix up some of the best juices and have great snacks such as coxinha etc.)

-Gaucha Churrascaria (Rua das Laranjeiras 114, between Rua Pereira da Silva and Largo do Machado). A grill restaurant with live events /music /dance every night. Not for very young people, but good food and nice, if rather conservative, shows.


-Mala e Cuia (Rua Barata Ribeiro, 638, Copacabana). Maybe the best choice to sample real good food from the state of Minas Gerais. Cooked in earthen pots and served as a buffet. Great atmosphere.

-Rodizio Estrela do Sul (Av. General Severiano, 97, Botafogo, next to Metro Botafogo). One of the few remaining Rodizio style grill houses in Rio, at an affordable price. Waiters will cut you fresh meat on your plate until you can´t eat anymore – at only 23 to 26 Reais per person.

-Churrascaria Marius (Av. Atlântica 290-B, Leme) Much more expensive but also more „chique“, this excellent Rodizio along all the regular stuff, offers extravagant special meats such as crocodile & frog.

Garota de Ipanema (Rua Vinícius de Moraes, 49 (Ipanema)). Porbably a must if you like the old bossa nova song of the same name. This is the place where this song was composes. Still a nice, if a bit touristy place. Please note that as in most other Braszilian restaurants, “1 portion” always serves 2 people! Alone, ask for half a portion (meia porção)

-Confeitaria Colombo: (Rua Goncalves Dias, 32) A Must-See in the Center of town, near Metro carioca. This old Vienna-style Coffeehouse is truly unique, although it feels a bit misplaced in that part of town.

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